Haverhill Ambassadors and volunteers litter picking their local area

Haverhill Ambassadors and volunteers litter picking their local area


Community Action Suffolk will guide you through the easy steps for you to become a volunteer.

Community Action Suffolk Volunteering Team – what do we do?

We work with individuals and organisations to support and develop volunteering in Suffolk. We advertise volunteering vacancies and put you in touch with the groups that you want to help. There are four Volunteering Field Officers located in Suffolk covering Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury, Mid Suffolk and Babergh, Ipswich and Waveney and Suffolk Coastal.

So what is volunteering?

Community Action Suffolk believes that volunteering is a choice and that choosing to give up your time to do something that helps your community is an amazing thing to do. This can include formal or informal volunteering, and normally for charities or community groups.

Who do we help?

Here at Community Action Suffolk we help both organisations and individuals, helping both to find their ideal volunteer or a great volunteering opportunity. We provide opportunities for organisations to learn more about the types or volunteers out there and how to shape their roles so they are attractive and get to the right people. We also work with volunteers to help signpost them to the right opportunities for them.

Volunteering – why do it?

People volunteer for many different reasons, some of them are to

  • build their confidence and self esteem
  • make new friends or go to new places
  • make a difference and help in the community
  • show an employer they can keep regular hours and stay committed to a task
  • gain new skills or knowledge
  • …have fun!

I want to volunteer, how can you help?

Please give us a call and then we can then guide and signpost you to potential opportunities and alongside that support you in finding out how ‘ready’ you are to volunteer. We can support by:

  • having a telephone conversation to understand your ‘readiness’ to volunteer and help you identify what extra support you may require. This could be access to training or some more information to increase your knowledge on a subject area.
  • signposting you to the best opportunities that are advertised on www.do-it.org

How do I apply?

Before you start to apply take time think about what you would like to do, how much time you want to give and how often you want to volunteer. The quickest, easiest way to become a volunteer is to apply online, using the Do-It website and your application will be sent directly to Community Action Suffolk. All of the current opportunities are available to view at www.do-it.org (you can enter your postcode and the distance you’re able to travel or search by the activity you would like to do). As we receive new volunteering opportunities they are put online. All current vacancies are on the Do-It website.

I’ve applied for a role online – what happens next?

Once we receive your online application we’ll send it onto the groups you want to help and we’ll send you an email to confirm that this has happened. The group will then get in touch with you to start their application process or ask you to meet them for a chat. If there are any problems just let us know. To start with choose the best four groups that match what you want to do, you can always change your mind and reapply for other opportunities. It’s about finding the best match for you.

Interested in sports and events?

Our Sport and Event Volunteering Project is unique to Suffolk, bringing together event organisers who need volunteers, and those who want to volunteer their time for events and sports in Suffolk. Find out more.

Young InfoLink Volunteers Project

The Young InfoLink Volunteers Project, run by Community Action Suffolk, finds young volunteers (13-25 yrs), parents, carers, grandparents, etc. across Suffolk to contribute information to the Young Infolink website,  find out more.

Get in touch

For more details about how we can help, contact the Volunteering Team call 01473 321018 or email volunteering@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk

You can also contact your local Volunteering Field Officer:

Karen Osborne karen.osborne@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk

Waveney and Suffolk Coastal
Carolyn Shaw carolyn.shaw@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk

St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath
Elaine Hewes elaine.hewes@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk
Glenn Hubbard glenn.hubbard@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk

Mid Suffolk and Babergh
Glenn Hubbard glenn.hubbard@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk