Community Asset Research Project

The Community Asset Research Project seeks to increase the information we have about smaller communities throughout Suffolk and what they have to offer. The project will see the production of a profile on each parish in Suffolk with a population of 1,000 or less, giving an insight into what assets that community has at its disposal.

When completed, parish profiles can be found below:

  • Waveney (published July 2016)
  • Suffolk Coastal (published August 2016)
  • Mid Suffolk – October 2016
  • Babergh – November 2016
  • Forest Heath – December 2016
  • St Edmundsbury – January 2017
  • Ipswich – There are no parished areas within Ipswich

The project has been commissioned by Public Health in Suffolk as part of their Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), which seeks to answer key questions about the characteristics of Suffolk’s residents and what influences their quality of life.

What is a Community Asset?

Community assets have a broad definition. They can be anything within a community that is used (or could be used) for the benefit of its residents.

The most common definition covers built facilities and services that are immediately available to local residents. This can include physical assets such as parks, village halls or sports centres, and basic services such as healthcare, transport links or education. Alongside this sits economic resources such as shops, local businesses or major employers. What an estate agent would call ‘local amenities’.

The broadest definition of community assets includes less obvious assets such as an individual’s skills, informal groups, history and culture, and community spirit.

For the purposes of this project we will be concentrating on the physical assets and key services within each area.

What will I find in a Parish Profile?

This project will see the creation of an ‘asset-based profile’ for parishes in Suffolk with a population of less than 1,000. Those with a joint parish council will have a joint profile.

Each profile will be around three to four pages long and contain the following information:

  • Name of the parish(s)
  • A brief summary of the area
  • Total population
  • Two images of local landmarks
  • Local geography (nearest major road and town)
  • Two to three featured ‘key’ assets
  • A map of the parish(s)
  • A list of the community assets in the parish(s)

Where has the data come from?

The asset lists have been drawn from existing lists of asset from public health, Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Infolink.

Any additional assets have been manually added through desktop research (Google searches, map analysis, parish websites, news items, etc.).

This information and research has then informed the profiles, including the area summaries.

For more information, contact:

Josh Wicks
Community Asset Research Officer
01473 345300 / 07889 706983