Voice and representation

Representing the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector at a local level is a key part of our work.

We ensure that our members’ voices and expertise are heard at a range of partnerships, boards, and informal meetings with key people across the local area.

This work is about making sure that the VCSE sector can bring its unique knowledge and perspective to influence decision making for the benefit of Suffolk residents.

Our work is based on:

  • Effective Advocacy – Representatives feel well informed and supported through ensuring good communication channels, providing timely and good quality information
  • Inclusion – Organisations irrespective of geographical location, size or activities consider that their views can be made known by facilitating positive interaction between those who represent and our diverse sector
  • Cooperation and Collaboration – Influence is enhanced and duplication reduced through effective working links between the existing networks, forum and partnerships
  • Value and Respect – There is equality of voice between sectors.  Confidence in and respect for the contribution of the sector is further built by increased knowledge and intelligence

Where does the VCSE sector have representatives?