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Covid-19 Information for Governance and Organisation Development

During these unprecedented times, information is going to be changing and the environment in which we operate will too.

Please click on the link for the latest Government advice and guidance for the Charity sector. It covers a range of topics, including: remote working; fundraising; holding meetings; using restricted and unrestricted funds, to name but a few areas of operation.

Risk Assessments

Future working within the threat of Covid-19, means that there is a requirement for organisation to undertake additional risk assessments pertaining to Covid-19. Risk assessments can help an organisation identify potential threats and put in place practices to mitigate the impact of these threats. It is not intended for it to be an additional burden for committees/ boards, but an opportunity to assess their current governance structure and practices and see how they might be ‘challenged’ should another outbreak or similar happen again.

NCVO has a risk assessment template that you can adapt for your organisation

ACRE have also produced templates for use by village halls and community buildings, which may help you in developing a framework and the issues you may need to consider. These are listed below.


The Job Support Scheme

‘The Job Support Scheme is designed to protect viable jobs in businesses who are facing lower demand over the winter months due to Covid-19, to help keep their employees attached to the workforce. The scheme will open on 1 November 2020 and run for 6 months.

The company will continue to pay its employee for time worked, but the cost of hours not worked will be split between the employer, the Government (through wage support) and the employee (through a wage reduction), and the employee will keep their job.

The Government will pay a third of hours not worked up to a cap, with the employer also contributing a third. This will ensure employees earn a minimum of 77% of their normal wages, where the Government contribution has not been capped.

Employers using the Job Support Scheme will also be able to claim the Job Retention Bonus if they meet the eligibility criteria’.

(HM Treasurey, 2020, ‘Job Support Scheme. [Accessed 2nd October 2020]. Available from:

Please read the linked factsheet for further information:

The Government Job Retention Scheme was introduced due to COVID-19. This scheme allows charities and businesses to put employees who would otherwise be unemployed because of the coronavirus on ‘Furlough’. Employers have access to Government support to continue paying part of these furloughed employees’ salaries and potentially protect the employees from redundancy.

However, this scheme closes on the 31st October 2020.

Please click on the link for updated guidance related to the scheme:


Please look at the Community Action Suffolk Funding and Financial Sustainability pages for funding suggestions as well as other helpful information and advice at this time’.

You may also want to look at the CAS funding portal which you can access by using the below link.