Events for volunteer coordinators

We run a number of volunteering events throughout the year. These bring together individuals and local communities who work with volunteers. Our Volunteering Services Officers can also attend events you are running, to offer their expertise.

Volunteer Development Forums

We know that being the person who coordinates volunteers within an organisation can sometimes feel like a lonely place, especially if you are the only person who has this role.

Our Volunteering Services Officers hold regular Volunteer Development Forums across the county. The topics are picked by you, and the meetings are run for you. Come along and meet other people doing the same job as you and share your knowledge and experience.

At each Forum there will be a different ‘Hot Topic’ and the Volunteering Services Officers will bring information and research to get you thinking, but ultimately the people in the room hold the answers! The meetings are interactive and fun, and there is usually cake!

Click here to see the Volunteer Development Forums we have coming up, and book your place online.

We can attend your events

If you are holding an event to promote volunteering, and you think that CAS might be able to help, please get in touch with the CAS Volunteering Team (details below) for more information.

We can help you plan an event

As groups grow and evolve you might be thinking that you would like to run an event to either fundraise or raise awareness. If you are looking for volunteers to support this, or perhaps you would like to know how to plan, run and coordinate an event, we can help.

01473 345400

If you have any questions, or would like to know more, contact the CAS Volunteering Team at or 01473 345400.