Action Plan: Year 1

The Action Plan for the Suffolk Volunteering Strategy is focusing on year to year actions in order to ensure that it has the highest chance of success. Actions will reflect the current landscape and this will allow for flex and bend for subsequent years if it is required. Year 1 of the Action Plan is August 2016-17.

The Action Plan follows a colour system to show the priority/sequence of actions to be completed, whereby Blue actions must be completed before Green and then Purple can be considered. Each action will be driven by the ‘Leads’ organisations and supported by the Suffolk Volunteering Strategy Steering Group. The Steering Group will determine the Impact Measurement report which will sit alongside the Action Plan as well as actions for subsequent years, and will implement a RAG (Red/Amber/Green) system in order to assess progress.

The Steering Group will continue to meet during year one to have oversight of progress, identify changes in need and demand and plan for year two, while also assessing whether needs have altered in Suffolk and ensure that appropriate new actions are included. (Full details of the Steering Group on page 11 of the Action Plan)

Download the Suffolk Volunteering Strategy

Download the Action Plan: Year 1 (August 2016-17)