Community Action Suffolk was tasked with facilitating the development of a whole system volunteering strategy for Suffolk in April 2015. There was wide recognition of the need for coordinated development of volunteering to support increased participation and engagement. So a strategy for Suffolk was the next step.

The Suffolk Volunteering Strategy was endorsed by the Health & Wellbeing Board in November 2015, and the Board requested an Action Plan for July 2016.

The cross sector Volunteering Strategy Steering Group which took this forward includes; Suffolk County Council (different departments), Libraries, Suffolk Police, Suffolk Sport, YMCA Suffolk, District Councils (all), Suffolk Fire & Rescue, SIFRE, Healthwatch Suffolk , Ipswich & East CCG, Business in the Community, Chamber of Commerce, The Befriending Scheme.

The Steering Group met four times from January to April 2016 and considered each objective from the Strategy in turn and devised key actions for the first 12 months.

In addition to the consultation with the partner organisations, CAS undertook face to face consultations with 235 community organisations at Locality and Volunteer Co-ordinator Network Meetings from January to April 2016. This gave a wealth of feedback as to what should be included in the Action Plan. These organisations also received the completed draft of the Action Plan in June 2016 for final comments. Steering Group members consulted with their staff and clients.

The final Action Plan was approved at the Health and Wellbeing Board in July 2016.

Download the Suffolk Volunteering Strategy

Download the Action Plan: Year 1 (August 2016-17)