This Community Can

Sport England funded ‘This Community Can’ 3 year project launched in April 2018 and offers bespoke and local volunteering opportunities in isolated parts of Suffolk.

The project recruits and supports “Community Game Changers”  in specific rural and remote locations throughout Suffolk who then identify, support and coordinate some local volunteers to support existing and create new accessible, sport related, volunteering opportunities where they live. All those involved will have access to CAS accredited volunteer training.

This focus on local engagement will encourage greater participation and accessibility to volunteering opportunities by reducing the need to travel and having activities that are driven and shaped by local communities. The aim is that the local aspect of ‘This Community Can’ will ensure its longevity as people take ownership of the projects within their own communities.

Projects so far include a really diverse mix such as walking netball, mobile youth club, maintenance at a care farm plus support for people with disabilities to try a range of activities.



We would be delighted to hear from anyone who feels they could spare some time helping run activities within their local community!                                         

For more information please contact Nicky Russell, Project Officer: or 01473 345433