East Suffolk Resource Network (ESRN)

East Suffolk Resource Network (ESRN) is a network of voluntary sector infrastructure organisations and public sector partners who have signed a partnership agreement to work towards a set of agreed objectives.

Network members have a shared vision of improving the quality of peoples lives and communities, especially for the most disadvantaged, through the provision of a network of robust infrastructure services to frontline Voluntary and Community Organisations in East Suffolk. Partners aim to improve the provision of high quality, accessible and relevant ‘frontline’ services to local Voluntary and Community Sector groups by working together.

The key objectives for ESRN are to:

  • Facilitate and support community led planning
  • Develop the community and voluntary sector to deliver key services
  • Co-ordinate the support for the community and voluntary sector from key agencies
  • Increase the participation of Suffolk Coastal and Waveney citizens in informal and formal volunteering