Safeguarding training at Gainsborough LibraryTraining is a key area for your organisation to grow, develop and build its capacity. This is the same for you as the person who involves volunteers.

Would you like to offer some training to your volunteers and staff? Below are the volunteering training courses on offer from CAS.

“Introduction to involving volunteers” training course

This course has been developed to give participants the confidence and preparation for involving volunteers, attracting the right volunteers and getting them started. During the course, participants will be challenged to think beyond what’s needed for the traditional volunteer, gaining an understanding of today’s volunteers and what their organisation needs to have in place to give them a great experience.
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“Introduction to volunteers and the law” training course

Volunteers enrich and enhance our community services but, what are the legal implications that organisations need to be aware of? This session will highlight ‘best practice’ in providing a supportive volunteering environment while being aware of your statutory obligations.
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“Dealing with challenging volunteer situations” training course

Volunteers are the life blood of our community groups but from time to time potential challenging situations arise resulting from volunteer behaviour which requires appropriate and careful handling. This session will offer ‘best practice’ methods in dealing with these difficult situations while providing suggestions on potential preventative measures.
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Bespoke training

We can offer training which is tailored to your organisation, either as the above course, or if you are finding you keep coming up against the same issues, we can develop a workshop to look into this with you in more depth and with those members of staff or volunteers who is involves.

If you would like to discuss any training options your organisation has around volunteering please get in touch with the CAS Volunteering Team (details below).

If you have any questions, or would like to know more, contact Siobhan in the CAS Volunteering Team: or 01473 345400.