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CAS Organisation HealthCheck Plus

CAS Organisation HealthCheck Plus

(2024 updated version available from 11 March ’24)

One process, multiple uses and many benefits

The Organisation HealthCheck Plus is a flexible and valuable tool. You can use it in a number of ways to meet your specific needs including:
✔ Helping you prepare for growth. It provides a comprehensive range of policies and procedures you may well be asked for by Funders and will help build your foundations for growth.

✔Supporting you to understand your legal obligations including safeguarding, equalities, health and safety and governance.

✔ Gain valuable insights into how well you are leading and governing your organisation.

✔ Clear framework to help start up: A clear guide to use that can help you check what policies, procedures and practice you should have in place to be a safe well run organisation in the Voluntary Community Faith and Social Enterprise Sector (VCFSE).

✔ An effective ‘MOT’ of the health of your organisation and the complementary action plan helps identify areas of strength and for development.

✔ Helping you involve staff in your conversations about what a safe well run organisation looks like and how you can work towards that together

‘It’s a useful to have access to a range of relevant Suffolk focused example policies and procedures and it saves time hunting for ones on the internet, that turn out not to be appropriate’.

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What does it cover?

An excellent hybrid or bridge between the HealthCheck and Quality Standards. It brings all the benefits of a self-assessment, you do it to your own timescale, and unlocks the resources that Quality Standards Organisations can access. A full range of complementary resources policies, procedures, forms et c. to help you as you develop and embed quality policies and procedures.

As part of the CAS Quality Framework the Organisation HealthCheck Plus covers the four main areas an organisation requires to demonstrate it is a safe, well run provider of services. It covers four vital areas: safeguarding, Health and Safety, recruitment & development and organisation management.

The Organisation HealthCheck Plus includes a secure online portfolio created for your organisation. You can register up to 5 people from you organisation so you can all have access to your shared portfolio via laptop, computer or other mobile devices. You can also securely upload your documents and policies there to help your discussions.

What if I need more resources and support?

The CAS Quality Framework puts you in control of the support that you need, when you need it.

If you find that you need a comprehensive range of example policies and procedures and also want dedicated support from Community Action Suffolk or if you want to evidence that you have achieved some form of Quality Assurance then choose the Quality Standards option.

All three elements of the Quality Framework are designed with flexibility in mind so you can choose the level of support and resources that are right for you. Each section acts as a stand-alone resource. However, they are also designed to allow you to progress from one to another.

To read more about the Organisation HealthCheck or Quality Standard click on the images below.

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