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Complaints and concerns

CAS aims to provide the best possible advice, support and services to voluntary organisations and individuals. However we recognise that from time to time, an individual or organisation may feel dissatisfied with the support and service(s) they have received or may wish to raise a general matter of concern.

CAS takes such concerns seriously and we will approach all complaints in a responsible, fair and consistent manner. We will take on board any learning required which could lead to amendment of our practices, approaches and policies. We also aim to reach a resolution at the earliest stage possible.

Below is an overview of how we will deal with your complaint along with a downloadable flow chart which outlines the process.
To download a copy of CAS full complaints procedure please click here.

How we will deal with your complaint

Stage 1 – Informal complaint or concern

  • Concerns or complaints should initially be raised and resolved by the appropriate officer.
  • You can submit your concern by phone, email or via the complaints form.
  • We may contact you for more details or to find out how you would like us to resolve it.
  •  Your complaint will be acknowledged within 5 working days and a response within 10 days working days.
  •  Complaints about line managers or an officer’s conduct should be raised with their manager.

Stage 2 – Formally registering a complaint

  • If you would like your complaint formally investigated please submit your complaint by letter, email or via the complaints form.
  •  All formal complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days and investigated with a response within 10 working days from acknowledgement.
  • If we are unable to respond within 10 working days, we will advise you why and state when you can expect a response.
  •  Complaints about the Chief Executive should be made directly to the Chair of Trustees.
    Stage 3 – Appeal
  • If you are still unhappy you can appeal the decision. This must be done in writing to the Chief Executive within 7 days of receipt of the outcome from stage 2.
  • Your appeal will be acknowledged within 5 working days.
  • The chief Executive will review the investigation report and decide whether to uphold the action taken or make changes to the recommendations/actions from stage 2.
  • You will be informed in writing of the outcome within 15 working days.
  • The decision made will be final and no further appeals will be possible.

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