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4 things we learnt from the St Jude’s storm (and a story about a donkey)

Phew! What a week in the insurance department!

In a week which began with some of the stormiest weather we’ve seen in years our Insurance Manager, Nicola, offers advice and wise words.

  1. Your fences, especially if they are wooden, are probably not covered: obviously individual policies vary considerably but if this is important to you check with your insurer.
  2. If a tree falls from your garden causing damage to someone else’s property, you could be liable for any damage, might be a good idea to get any large trees checked by a qualified person.*
  3. If you make a frozen food claim because the electricity was off, remember to keep the wrappers until the insurance company says you can dispose of them. I know! Yuck! Most insurers are not that pernickety but be on the safe side.
  4. Take photos of any damage and don’t clear up or make good until you have been told it’s OK by your insurer.

*A bizarre but true one: I once had a claim because a tree belonging to a Parish Council had fallen into a neighbouring field, in which there was a donkey. The donkey ate some of the leaves and died, the neighbour believed that the poisonous leaves had caused the donkey s death. We ended up with an autopsy on the dead donkey – luckily the leaves turned out to be harmless and poor old Ned had died of old age but you can see how these things escalate!

Nicola Glading
Insurance Manager
[email protected]