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Community Action Suffolk are supporting the People’s Health Trust to help local organisations in Suffolk to apply for this fund.

In order to apply for this funding your organisation must be able to demonstrate that it carries out work in the fundable area shown on their website:

Also, you must aim to support a reduction in health inequalities by working with local people to address issues that matter/are important to them to encourage:-

  • Engaged communities

  • Better homes

  • Good education

  • Community safety

  • Good spatial planning

  • Food and nutrition

  • Local wealth

Small Print:- Please note that the Trust does not fund Companies or CICs Limited by Shares or Limited Liability Partnerships

  • Organisations must be over three months old

  • Income less than £350,000 – this can be averaged over two financial years

  • Unrestricted reserves of less than six months after the deduction of the grant request amount

    For further information and to apply, please click here