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Are you passionate about wildlife and Suffolk? This could be a job for you!

(update 13 January 2016)

Community Action Suffolk is pleased to be working in partnership with Suffolk Coasts and Heaths Areas of Natural Beauty (AONB), Wild Days and destination marketing organisation (DMO) in a joint project which is promoting volunteer tourism in a new project in the East Coast of Suffolk.

Group leaders are being sought, who are keen to share their wildlife, ecological and local knowledge, and use their leadership and management skills to inspire new people to play a greater part in wildlife conservation in the area.

Training days have now been confirmed for 26 to 28 February 2016.

Wild Days Conservation has established three wildlife conservation and research holidays in Suffolk, that celebrate and showcase the interesting, quirky and the local, in addition to making a positive difference to the environment and contributing to wildlife research. You can see more of how Wild Days Conservation works at

These are short-term contract roles that can complement existing employment for anyone who can work occasionally on a self-employed basis. Training is available and other leading opportunities with Wild Days Conservation may be available.

This project is due to begin with the first holiday in Spring 2016 and has already launched a new volunteering project called Suffolk Coast Greeters.

To find out more contact:
[email protected]
01603 505731

(story originally published 16 November 2015)