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Are your volunteers worth it?

Volunteering Summit 2015

The annual CAS Volunteering Summit on 4 December 2015 is designed to support those of you who are volunteer-involving and this year opens with this daring question.

It will examine how to best make use of the time and talents of volunteers whilst exploring the impact that volunteers have upon your organisation, the individual and the local community. There will be a range of speakers and workshops as well as the opportunity to network with others from across Suffolk.

This second annual Volunteering Summit considers innovative concepts around leading and valuing your volunteers at a time when the emphasis on increasing community involvement is becoming ever stronger. Workshops will be interactive and designed to get you thinking about how new methods could apply to your organisation.

The Volunteering Summit was first held last year and provided a unique opportunity for all those involved in volunteering across Suffolk to come together, share and learn.

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