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Better Broadband for Suffolk – Next Phase 

better broadband for suffolk (2)The next phase of high speed Fibre Broadband upgrades for households in Suffolk were announced in the middle of December and if you visit and put in your post code in the My Location checker then you will be able to see whether you are due in the next phase of upgrades going up to September 2016.

Inevitably there will be a number of households who aren’t due to be upgraded during this period and a longer wait for high speed Fibre Broadband will be required. We very much hope as the year progresses that news on the next phase of upgrades will be announced and we continue to be an active member on the Better Broadband for Suffolk board where we feedback all your concerns and feedback. Please contact [email protected] if you have any queries around this.

Broadband Satellite Voucher Scheme

At the same time as the announcement around the next phase of upgrades, the satellite broadband voucher scheme was also launched for those people who currently get less than 2mbps in their property and there are no other means of getting speeds higher than this. The satellite voucher scheme is intended to subsidise the cost of the installation of satellite broadband which will give households at least 2mbps whilst they wait to be upgraded to Superfast Broadband by conventional means. Households who opt for this will still have to pay a monthly fee as you would through your current Internet Service Provider. For more detailed information we suggest you visit where there is an application form and guidance page under the “Options for people with current broadband speeds of less than 2mbps”.

Matthew Morling, IT Manager
[email protected]
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