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Community Oil Buying & Bulk LPG

*Notice – Please note that our Community Oil Buying scheme offers pre-payment and direct debit schemes but does not operate a ‘buy now, pay later’ scheme.  If you require financial support to purchase fuel, please visit Help for Households | Suffolk County Council where you will find information and guidance to help your household in a myriad of ways.

The Suffolk and Cambridgeshire community oil buying scheme in partnership with Affinity Fuels (AF Affinity Ltd) can help you reduce the high cost of your heating oil by bringing Suffolk and Cambridgeshire communities together and buying together.

Not only can the scheme lower costs and reduce heavy tanker traffic through the Suffolk and Cambridgeshire countryside and on rural roads, but also provide high quality customer service to members online and by telephone.

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“They were very good at delivering to us quickly like you said -they came on Tuesday, only 3 working days after the order!”

“Just had my first delivery of oil under the scheme – completely smooth operation and a huge saving over what we were paying last year. Many thanks to you for your efforts!”

“Thank you for your recent email. I am really impressed with having the two dates per month to order the oil and setting up the direct debit for payment. I also like to see the prices of the oil and the savings we make on our orders. Carry on the good work.”

“All ‘my’ members are happy with the service and grateful for the money they have saved so far… I did the negotiating for bulk buying in our village for about 3 years, I hated it, it wasn’t easy, the oil suppliers didn’t give a damn and it was tough getting a discount. I know how much hard work it is and I think I speak on behalf of everyone in “my” area. You all do a great job.”