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Case Studies from the Sector: Noise Solution

Noise Solution is a digital youth work organisation that, since March, has delivered 1700 hours of interactive, online, 1:1 music mentoring with vulnerable young people.

You can take a look at their fab impact report, which includes embedded video, here.

Or take a look at their story below!

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Full text version:

Every participant referred to Noise Solution is paired with a music mentor, and together they codesign a music project. After the session, the digital highlights of that week are safely shared with family members and keyworkers, who are encouraged to comment.

One participant, Felix, described his experience.

‘Noise solution began with Simon, my tutor, coming to my house. We began working with the midi keyboards just to mess around and jam. We had a really nice time – it was just like hanging out with friends. Sharing the videos was really important to me, too. My mum was always really surprised but happy to be able to see where I’m at. Those videos are a much better measure of my mental wellbeing than me coming home from work and not doing the dishwasher. It’s just so important to me that she sees that.’

Felix’s mum agrees, saying that the videos were eye-opening.

‘Often he doesn’t share information with me; he’s not terribly open. But when I watched the videos, it helped me understand a bit more where he was at. I was really amazed at seeing him smile and laugh and joke about, because those are the things that got a bit lost when he was quite poorly.’

Post-pandemic, the tutors and participants now spend the session working with browser-based music and video creation tools on Zoom. Essentially, they’re in a recording studio that they just need Chrome to use!

For more information, get in touch with Noise Solution.