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Case Studies from the Sector: The Voice cLoud

The Voice cLoud is an arts organisation committed to promoting the role and positive impact of the creative arts and music across society.

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Full text version:

The Voice cLoud are engaged in some brilliant work. They help people who have a range of health and support needs, delivering a range of community-led, community-based projects which seek to build happier, healthier and safer communities by exploring and promoting the role of music, arts, creativity and imagination for positive effect on health and wellbeing. 

Like many organisations, the Voice cLoud faced a big challenge with the introduction of Covid-19 restrictions. But they transitioned all their projects online, not only keeping people connected, but also increasing people’s knowledge of the technology available.

By supporting people to access technology via the digital inclusion/access programme, The Voice cLoud helped alleviate the acute isolation that many have been disproportionately affected by.

Meanwhile, the social media livestreams had an organic reach of over half a million views – and the wider online programme has included webcasts, online participatory classes, online Zoom social drop-ins and 1-1 remote/phone technological assistance. This has been a great help to people: not only have they learned to master staying in-touch technology like Skype, Zoom and Facetime, but now they’re also able to shop online or order prescriptions.

There are lots of online events still going on at The Voice cLoud, from film to choirs to a session on understanding dementia.

Head to their events page to take a look at all the exciting opportunities coming up!