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Meet Up Monday…A Snape Good Neighbour Scheme Story

Snape GNS launched this year and Meet Up Monday’s have been part of the key to their success!

Maria Norman, Chair of Snape GNS writes:

We started in May (2019) this year. As of 17th November (2019) we’ve completed 91 jobs. These range from lifts to doctors/hospital to installing a personal alarm system, repairing a drawer and putting up a curtain rail. We’ve changed light bulbs and helped to fill in forms. Plus, most importantly to me, sat and chatted to housebound villagers. We have 16 volunteers and all but one of them has carried out a job.

I’ve linked our GNS to Meet Up Monday. Each week one volunteer (usually at least 4 attend as they enjoy going) provides cakes and hosts the event. I attend every week. SGNS volunteers transport “Friends’ to the meet up. We’ve found that many ‘Friends’ come along to request a job as they like to do it in person.…

Snape Good Neighbour Scheme’s ‘Friends’ enjoying their Cystic Fibrosis Domino Fundraiser Meet Up Monday