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Introduction to Safeguarding (160424)

Tue 16th April 2024 @ 10:00am- 12:30pm
Event type:
Training Session (virtual)
  • Price:
  • VCSFE groups & Town / Parish councils: £35.00
  • All others: £50.00

This session will be delivered via Zoom

This is our highly effective Introduction to Safeguarding course. This is a fully interactive ‘live in real time’ training course facilitated by an experienced Trainer online.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Do you know how to fulfil your safeguarding responsibilities to recognise abuse and report it correctly? If you work, or volunteer, with children and/or adults at risk of harm this course is an ideal introduction, Quality Assured by the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership, to equip you with fundamental safeguarding knowledge and skills.

It covers both children and adults so you can support families better. It is also suitable as refresher training for those who need to renew their safeguarding training. If you work with adults it will equip you to safeguard them and any children too. If you work with children it will equip you to safeguard them and also any adults you may come into contact with.

As an organisation you have a responsibility to ensure that no-one who comes into contact with your organisation is harmed and if they need safeguarding they receive safeguarding support. Any adult could become an Adult at Risk of Harm. It could be a volunteer, a Trustee or a member of staff or it could be someone who accesses your group’s services.

Who is it for?
The course is introductory training for those aged 18 and over from statutory, voluntary, independent and community organisations, who work across all sections of the community. Anyone requiring introductory safeguarding training but specifically staff, including volunteers, who may become aware of possible abuse through their role.

This may include colleagues from community groups, faith groups, housing, community development roles, sports development staff and disability specialists. It identifies the need for safe working practices with Adults at risk of abuse and children, young people and families. It is interactive, informative and practical.

Questions you will be able to answer after the session:
✔ What is safeguarding and my role in safeguarding adults at risk and children?
✔ How do I recognise possible signs of abuse and neglect?
✔ How do I act upon a concern or disclosure?
✔ What is the relevant legislation and local policy and procedures for supporting and protecting adults and children?