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Chief nurse says there is plenty of booster vaccination provision

The Chief Nurse for Suffolk and north east Essex said she is becoming concerned that not enough people are coming forward for their COVID booster vaccination before Christmas.

Lisa Nobes said there is plenty of provision across the county with dozens of walk-in clinics available today through until Christmas eve.
People are eligible for their booster vaccination if they are 18 years or over and if there has been a three-month window since their second dose.
Lisa said: “We’ve vaccinated 72% now of people who are eligible for their booster which is just over 500,000 people.
“But we still have over 190,000 people still to boost and we want to get those done before the end of the year so people have a better immunity against Omicron.
“Some of our clinics have been very busy but they are starting to peter off which is starting to worry us a little.
“We continue to hold a lot of clinics offering walk ins clinics until Christmas Eve. 
“We have a lot of clinics open but we have empty slots that people aren’t filling so I am really worried that people are making the decision not to come forward for booster because they are worried about the side effects.”
Lisa added everyone has a responsibility to ensure their family members and neighbours are encouraged to get vaccinated.
She said: “We really, really all need to pull together to make sure our neighbours, friends, relatives that are due a booster are encouraged to do so.
“We all need to collectively take some responsibility and encourage that person who may be hesitant to come forward if they are eligible.
“There are still a few days before Christmas – most side effects are very short-term so you can still get your booster and  be fine for Christmas.
“All of our nurses, doctors, volunteers who are working additional hours are ready to vaccinate and it is important that eligible people come forward for their vaccination.”

For more information about available clinics please visit www​.sneevaccine​.org​.uk