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Community Buying at CAS Ltd moves into Cambridgeshire

Oil tanker

CAS’s community oil buying scheme, which has been saving money for Suffolk and Essex residents, community groups and businesses for the last four years, is now also moving into Cambridgeshire.

By bringing communities together throughout Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex and making the most of joint buying power, we are hoping to make greater savings and pass them directly to people whose fuel costs are high simply because they rely on oil-fired central heating. It also saves customers the time and hassle of telephoning round various suppliers to get quotes to buy their oil.

We have worked with our ACRE Network sister organisation Cambridgeshire ACRE to merge our memberships together to increase the bulk buying power. Community Buying at CAS, with AF Affinity (a subsidiary of Anglia Farmers), is able to use the buying power of its parent company to offer consistently low prices.

To take advantage of the scheme, members across Suffolk and Cambridgeshire pay an annual membership fee, which covers as many oil orders as are needed during the course of the year for their property. For further details and to join please click on the links below, and start to benefit from bulk oil prices without the hassle of phoning around and haggling with lots of suppliers.

  • Click here for more on Community Buying at CAS Ltd in Suffolk.
  • Click here for more on our Cambridgeshire Community Oil Buying Scheme
  • Click here for more on Essex Community Oil Buying Scheme, operated in partnership with Rural Community Council for Essex (RCCE Trading CIC)

You should find all of the answer to any queries you may have on our website, but if you would like any further information, please email [email protected] or telephone 01473 345355.