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Community Support for Ukrainian Refugees in Suffolk

Support from Suffolk communities is key to the county’s efforts to help Ukrainian refugees in Suffolk. Community Action Suffolk is leading in and facilitating community action, working with other partners in Suffolk.

This takes the form of:

  • host families – peer support and networking, including a private Facebook group,
  • supporting community hubs and social networking groups for Ukrainian guests
  • helping Ukraine guests to join existing community activities

We are proud to have worked alongside The Suffolk County Council and the community to support Ukrainian refugees in Suffolk during this time. Together, we have achieved significant progress, with many Ukrainian refugees successfully settling down. While the project is ending at CAS, please be assured that support for Ukrainian refugees will continue through other channels.

The Suffolk County Council, Homes for Ukraine team remains committed to providing guidance, support and advice to hosts and guests. If you require any support or guidance, please contact The Suffolk County Council Homes, for Ukraine team at [email protected]