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Do voluntary organisations really need a business plan?

We believe that effective business planning is key for your organisation’s success.

Sabrina Ward, Community Action Suffolk’s Specialist Business Support Officer, will lead an “Introduction to business planning” course on 25 April 2018 to guide you.

This workshop will equip you with the immediate information needed to begin the business planning process, understand your organisation’s value and plan for the future. They are living documents that guide your organisation’s direction, maximise your organisation’s talents, resources and prevent mission drift. They support action planning and Key Performance Indicators.

It is ideal for anyone about to start the business planning process – a great beginner’s guide. Learners receive a basic template to start your own business plan.

Questions learners will be able to answer after the course

  • What is a business plan and why is the process necessary for good organisation development?
  • What information do I include to make a successful business plan?
  • What do I need to do to start the business planning process in our organisation?
  • How to I make the ‘best use’ of our business plan going forward?

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