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How we kept your data safe

Community Action Suffolk recently had a clear-out of our old IT equipment. As we take data security very seriously, we wanted to share with you how we went about the process of keeping your data safe.

Once we’d gathered all the equipment together, we had a mixture of monitors, PCs and laptops to dispose of. The computers and laptops contained sensitive information that needed to be destroyed.

We contacted several companies that provide IT recycling services. Not only did we want the hard drives destroyed, we wanted to know that the company had the right credentials, including the correct waste management permits, environmental accreditations and positive customer testimonials. We selected a company called Pure Planet Recycling, who gave us confidence they could provide a secure service.

On the day of collection, the equipment was loaded into the collection van. We received a duty of care note to show what we had recycled, and the equipment was taken away for recycling.

The next working day we received the documents showing the job was complete. The hard drives were removed, logged and then shredded. A recycling certificate listed the equipment that was recycled, and a destruction certificate detailed the serial numbers of the drives that were destroyed.

We were delighted with the service and are confident that our data remained safe. For more information on the company we used, visit