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Important Government Consultation on Civil Society – Your views needed

Government Consultation on Civil Society: Your views needed – deadline 22 May

The Civil Society Strategy aims to find new ways for government and other partners to work with and for civil society to tackle challenges and unlock opportunities to build a stronger society now and in the future. While the government welcomes ambitious and bold ideas on what their role should be in supporting civil society this should be in the context of the on-going financial and legislative constraints.

The Civil Society Strategy will help shape work with and for civil society over the next ten years and beyond. It will:

  1. Articulate Government’s vision of civil society in a way that reaffirms the value it places on it
  2. Unlock civil society’s potential by addressing the challenges it faces through non-financial governmental intervention
  3. Set a new framework for effective collaboration between Government and civil society to solve the most pressing and complex societal issues

The consultation is based around four themes.

  1. Civil Society – This theme is about the big questions of what civil society is, how it is working well and what needs to change to strengthen it further.
  2. People – This theme explores how more people could be empowered to take action on issues that matter to them.
  3. Partnership – This theme explores the best ways to work in partnership across sectors to create social good and have a positive impact across society.
  4. Place – This theme explores how we empower local people to improve the places they live and work in and to have a say in how they are run.

For the purpose of the Civil Society Strategy, civil society is defined as inclusive of all those outside of the public sector, who share the mission of building a stronger society and improving lives, regardless of traditional sector boundaries such as charity or private and for profit or not.

To shape this Strategy, the government wants to hear from a wide range of people from across different sectors. Community Action Suffolk urge all members to respond to this important consultation.

Please click the link below to respond. The deadline is 22 May.

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Audio Burst about the Government Consultation