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Legislative changes affecting the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

The Charity Commission has announced a phased timetable allowing charitable companies to convert to charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs) following legislative changes in Parliament on 23 November 2017.

The new legislation also means that all charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs) will be listed on the Business names index, held by Companies House.

The much anticipated Secondary Legislation under the Charities Act 2011 contains 3 distinct elements:

  • The Charitable Incorporated Organisations (Conversion) Regulations
  • The Charitable Incorporated Organisations (Consequential Amendments) Order
  • the Index of Company Names (Listed Bodies) (England and Wales) Order

The Charity Commission (the Commission) is now preparing a programme of work to support these changes.

For more information on Legislative changes affecting the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) please go here.

Community Action Suffolk offers further support for organisation wishing to discuss the benefits of becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) for more information please contact Jon Eaton VCSE Localities Team Leader on [email protected] or call 07775 907828

Incorporation fixed fee service for Village Balls and Community Buildings

As highlighted at the recent Suffolk Village Halls & Community Building Conference Birketts Solicitors has developed an affordable and cost effective fixed fee package for the incorporation of village halls and community buildings.

Many village halls and community buildings are unincorporated charities, yet they own property, often act as landlords, and provide services to members of the public. As such, there is a risk of claims being made against the charity by third parties.

For unincorporated charities, this brings with it a risk of personal liability for the charity trustees. Whilst this risk can be mitigated with appropriate insurance cover, there nevertheless remains a residual risk of personal liability for the individuals who are responsible for running the charity.

To discuss your individual requirements or to request a copy of the full brochure, which sets out the details of each level of service we offer, please contact Liz Brownsell in our specialist Charities and Social Enterprise Team on 01473 406383 or via [email protected].