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Meet our Suffolk ProHelp providers: Picasso Security Ltd

Suffolk ProHelp is a countywide network of businesses which provides professional and strategic support free of charge to voluntary organisations.

The guiding principle of Suffolk ProHelp is that members approach this work in the same way as they would any other fee-paying customer. The only difference is that the community client is not charged for the work undertaken.

Suffolk ProHelp is co-ordinated by Community Action Suffolk and funded through the Transformation Challenge Award, made possible by Suffolk Public Sector Leaders group.

We’d like to introduce you to one of the Suffolk ProHelp members, who has signed up to support Suffolk’s voluntary organisations.

Name of business

Picasso Security Ltd (Martin Hogg, Director)

Tell us about your business

We are specialists in information and cyber security. Experienced in all aspects of security (not just information technology) that would affect a small business.

Why did your business get involved with Suffolk ProHelp?

I have previous experience of working with Suffolk ProHelp, from another company I was involved with. It’s a great opportunity to support the local community.

Which voluntary organisations have Suffolk Prohelp matched you with and how did you help them?

None so far, but we’re looking forward to our first match!

How else does your business get involved with the local community?

Nothing else local at the moment, but some working in the City of London.

What would you say to voluntary organisations which might need professional support?

No question or problem is too small, and all organisations have security issues of some sort. Even large organisations that you might expect to get everything right!

Why would your recommend businesses join Suffolk ProHelp?

Suffolk ProHelp provides a way of giving back to the communities that we are a part of. Business is not all about maximising profit, so spending a little time helping those organisations which themselves are helping the society we are a part of, helps us all. “What goes around comes around”.

Suffolk ProHelp would like to hear from you if you are:

  • a business in Suffolk that would be interested in joining Suffolk ProHelp
  • a voluntary organisation or charity in Suffolk that would be interested in probono services from Suffolk businesses

Read more about Suffolk ProHelp here, or contact:

Angela Lee-Foster, Suffolk ProHelp Manager
[email protected]
01473 345 338 / 07407 097750