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Men’s Sheds

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Social connection is more important than ever. We are delighted to be supporting men’s sheds across Suffolk, bringing people together and building thriving communities.

Our Development Officers supporting men’s sheds work in partnership with Suffolk’s Regional Ambassadors and voluntary and statutory organisations across the county.

What is a Men’s Shed?

Men’s Sheds are like garden sheds – but they’re all about community. People come together to make things, share practical skills, and build friendships. Sheds help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, they’re fun! They also often play a significant role in their local area, not only providing activities and companionship for their members but also designing, constructing and repairing items for the wider community.

Suffolk currently has 10 Sheds already in operation across the county, with another 5 in development and several others being discussed. It is our aim to have a local Shed operating within reach of every man in Suffolk who would like to get involved!

Sound interesting? You can find out more from the UK Men’s Sheds Association.

Who can join a Men’s Shed?

Sheds are open to those aged 18 or over. It makes sense to join your nearest one, but if you’d rather join a different one, that’s usually fine. Each shed is independent, so will have a slightly different joining procedure, but it will normally involve completing an application form, undertaking an induction and potentially paying a small subscription (at the discretion of the individual shed), although sheds do not prohibit anyone who cannot afford to do so.

What is the Suffolk Sheds Network?

The Suffolk Sheds Network aims to support and develop Men’s Sheds across the county. The idea is to bring them together to learn, share experience and support each other, and to be a voice for Sheds and ‘Shedders’ both within and beyond Suffolk. We are keen to help anyone interested to find out about ‘Shedding’ in the county and link those who would like to get involved with their nearest Shed.

What’s more, the Network runs county events to bring representatives of local Sheds together – and is also planning to provide training and networking opportunities at a district or local level. We also encourage greater communication and collaboration between the Sheds.

Want to find out more about Men’s Sheds?

Interested in joining a Shed? Or want to start a Shed yourself? Do get in touch with us and we can answer your queries.

If your query is about Men’s Sheds in general, then take a look at the UK Men’s Shed Association’s FAQ page.

Jonny Wood

Community Development Officer – Men’s Sheds

01473 345335

Colin Burcombe

Community Development Officer – Men’s Sheds

01473 345373