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Partnerships for Purpose

Partnerships for Purpose

Partnerships for Purpose is a Community Action Suffolk initiative enabling sectors to collaborate to tackle important social issues and create a better society. Our aim is to create opportunities to facilitate partnerships and opportunities between businesses, public sector and charitable organisations and community groups to work together for mutual benefit and impact. We want to create a space to identify innovative opportunities that will make a sustainable impact on people and community in Suffolk.  

This includes:  

  • Get it Together Speed Networking Events 
  • Promoting Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) opportunities 
  • Developing and promoting opportunities for trustee and mentoring roles 
  • Training for VCSE organisations on Developing Business Partnerships 
  • Training for VCSE organisations on running effective ESV opportunities 
  • Suffolk ProHelp – professional expertise and support for the VSE sector 
  • Toolkits and training for VCSE and business sectors on CSR/collaborative working 

Contact Alice Ward for more information: 

Alice Ward 

Community Action Suffolk  

01473 345327

[email protected]