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‘Playing Out Suffolk’ Workshop

What is Playing Out?

It originates from Bristol but its concept is based on how our society used to ‘play out’ in the past. Playing Out is a social enterprise that describes itself in the following way:

We are a parent and resident led movement restoring children’s freedom to play out in the streets and spaces where they live, for their health, happiness and sense of belonging.”

Playing Out also offers a useful FAQ page.

Naturally, any health/care initiative should only be considered if there are potential outcomes that warrant investment in time and in money. As it happens, the money aspect is so low, it barely warrants a mention. Research to-date provides some insights. A 2017 report offers the following:

  • The majority of people reported that children had learned or improved physical and social skills, including riding a bike (80%) and interacting with other children (88%).
  • The majority agreed that as a result of playing out they know more people on their street (91%) and feel they belong more in their neighbourhood (84%).
  • Crucially, at a time when community-led action is becoming ever more essential, over a third of respondents said playing out has led to them being involved in other community groups and activities.

One parent said: “I feel more empowered to make positive change in my community and in the street where I live. I feel a greater sense of ownership of my street and more confident at giving my daughter independence.”

It’s not surprising that this initiative has led to other parts of the UK taking up such opportunities. The following are local authority ‘highways’ sites that both support and promote ‘playing out’ initiatives:




So, what is happening in Suffolk?

A few ‘volunteers’ have explored the possibilities of bringing ‘playing out’ to Suffolk. Including amongst others, Community Action Suffolk and Suffolk Rural Coffee Caravan. There have been some community meetings and a Facebook page has also been created.

A workshop to ‘kick things off’, planned for the morning of Wednesday 26 June 2019. It will be held in the George Hines Room, Wherstead Park, The Street, Wherstead, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 2BJ from 9.30am to 1.00pm. The key speaker will be a GP from Tring, who also happens to be the ‘playing out’ lead for that area; ‘Rob’s Story’.

Book your place

There is no charge and refreshments will be provided.

Places on this workshop are limited to 50 – please do book your place here

For more information please do contact either Ann or Sally on the details below:

Ann Osborn

Director Rural Coffee Caravan/MeetUpMondays™️

T.01379 855338

E: [email protected]


Sally Connick 

Good Neighbour Scheme Development Officer

T: 01473 345359

M: 07884563370

E: [email protected]