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Buddy Up

Buddy Up was an initiative funded by Suffolk County Council in 2021 – 2022 which aimed to address the problems caused by Covid related isolation in our communities, including reducing the spread of infection. The project harnessed the skills and local knowledge of grassroots community groups, ensuring that Buddy Up was sustainable within the communities it served.  

Suffolk County Council COMF and East Suffolk Partnership funded, Buddy Up offered volunteering opportunities throughout Suffolk. The project supported grass-roots community groups to recruit and train Buddy Up volunteers. All those involved had access to CAS accredited volunteer training.  

Buddies worked alongside the isolated in their community to identify small changes they can make to improve their lives. This might have been helping them to join a local group relating to their hobby or maybe supporting them to attend a social activity or educational course. This was intended to be low level intervention using resources already available in local communities – the key being that the isolated were often unable to access these without 1:1 support.  

The local, grassroots aspect of Buddy Up ensured its longevity as local groups took ownership of Buddy Up within their own community.  

We have developed a range of legacy resources to encourage best practice.

Resource Guide for Buddy UpOpens or downloads a document

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