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Talking About Cancer Together


Talking About Cancer Together is a 3-year Macmillan sponsored project, within Community Action Suffolk, with the aim of encouraging conversation and draw awareness to the difficulties around talking about cancer, whilst highlighting the support services within Suffolk, both for cancer and non-cancer related issues.

How the project was born

In 2019, Community Action Suffolk were commissioned by Macmillan to conduct some research into access to health care and cancer treatment amongst the elderly population in Suffolk.  It quickly became evident that the geographical landscape of Suffolk as a county meant that, different members of our community, not just the elderly, were affected, either through lack of access to a good transport network or not having relevant information about services due to the sheer lack of awareness.

This project called Talking About Cancer Together was born as a result of that research.  Community Action Suffolk and Community Action Norfolk have taken on 2 project officers. Their job is to create relationships with different VCFSE organisations and support groups, putting them in touch with community groups, to create awareness through education, to feed into the Live Well campaign of the NHS and to create a cohesive working relationships for organisations, through exhibitions, fairs and other promotional means.

What will make this project a success?

There are a number of charities, community groups and VCFSEs within Suffolk who do amazing work to help the people of Suffolk.  If all these organisations come together with the common goal of achieving a happier and healthier Suffolk it will help to reduce the health inequalities. 

Get Involved!

Let’s pull our resources together, we are stronger together!

If you are an organisation which focusses on the wellbeing of communities and the people of Suffolk and you have not heard about the project, please get in touch so we can explore how we can work together.

To find out more, contact Nellie Kuma, Community Action Suffolk’s Talking About Cancer Together Project Officer via email [email protected]