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Village Hall & Community Building Information Sheets


Community Action Suffolk offers specialist advice and information for trustees and committees of Village Halls and other community buildings.

The service includes:

  • One-to-one advice by phone or email to suit your community building needs
  • Newsletter updates on issues affecting community buildings
  • Opportunity to purchase to over 40 Information Sheets and governance templates produced nationally by ACRE
  • Annual Village Halls conference

This page offers you the opportunity to purchase any one of over 40 information sheets. To purchase an information sheet tick the relevant boxes and click purchase and then follow the purchase process. Please note that Information Sheet 1 is selected by default – if you do not want this sheet then simply unselect it. Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do about this within our shop software.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the download links of the information sheets in the email you will receive following your order will only work for a 1 week period. you will need to download these information sheets in this period. if you don’t download these in this timeframe, please contact [email protected] with your receipt details and he can send these to you.