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Social Investment Case Study – Harry Specters

Social Investment Case Study – Harry Specters

According to research conducted by London School of Economics, Autism is the most costly medical condition in the UK.  It is estimated at least £32 billion per year is spent on treatment, care and support for both children and adults along with the impact on the economy of lost earnings. Autism costs more than heart disease, cancer and stroke combined,” states Harry Specters Chocolates founder Mona Shah.

Mona Shah is an experienced NHS corporate governance advisor with a love of chocolate, an autistic son and the mindset to make a difference. Whilst undertaking a chocolate making course, Mona had an epiphany: making and packaging chocolate involves a series of very routine tasks; perfect for individuals on the autistic spectrum. Having become increasingly aware of the lack of employment opportunities for people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, like her son, Mona spotted an opportunity to make a difference. The social enterprise that was to become Harry Specters Chocolates began its evolution.

Mona and her partner Shaz set up Harry Specters in the kitchen of their home in Cambridgeshire and as well as producing delicious award winning chocolates provide free training, work experience and employment opportunities to people with Autism.  Now they operate from a purpose built factory in Cambridgeshire and have supported 100s of  people thanks to finance from a social investor. Harry Specters has the passion to raise awareness about the positive contributions people with autism are able to make to society, if only given the chance whilst selling super tasty chocolates.  To find out more, please head over to

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