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(source: NAVCA – National Association for Voluntary and Community Action)


The Government has announced it will be inserting a clause into grant agreements with charities that states funding cannot be used on activities intended to influence parliament, government or political parties.

The information Government receives from charities is essential to shaping policy which can support and benefit the most vulnerable people in society. By introducing this clause, the Government is cutting off the voice of the voluntary sector.

In response, NCVO, Acevo and 150 charity leaders have signed a letter to the Prime Minister outlining the impact and influence charities have had in recent years and have urged him to reconsider this gagging clause.

NAVCA has signed the letter and are in full support of this action. They now need to go a step further and open this up to the whole of the voluntary sector – from local community groups to large charities – to ensure the voice of local communities is heard loud and clear.

Please sign the petition and support the unified voice of our sector.

Community Action Suffolk has signed the petition, we encourage Suffolk’s charities and organisations to sign and share.