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Sport & Event Volunteering Project featured in House of Lords debate

Sport and Event Volunteering

In a recent House of Lords debate on the social and economic value of volunteering in sport, Suffolk’s Sport & Event Volunteering Project was highlighted as a positive example of the excellent work that can be achieved through coordinated volunteering within the local community.

The wider debate considered findings from the ‘Hidden Diamonds’ report recently published by the The Join In Trust, a legacy organisation from the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games. Research shows that sports volunteers are four times more likely to trust others in the community and eight times more likely to feel that they have some influence over the local communities. The health and emotional well-being of volunteers also benefits, as volunteers are measurably happier than non-volunteers.

As well as continuing to support a range of sports, arts & cultural events throughout Suffolk (encouraging best practice in the recruitment and management of volunteers), the Sport & Event Volunteering Project is also championing ‘Workplace Volunteering’, promoting the wider benefits of volunteering to local businesses. There are some very rewarding volunteer opportunities coming up within the county including the Midnight Walks, The Women’s Tour and Cancer Research Race for Life to name just a few.

Suffolk continues to lead by example in building upon the volunteering legacy of the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, providing valuable support throughout communities, through promoting and inspiring individuals to volunteer.

The full debate can be found here and more information about Suffolk’s Sport & Event Volunteering Project can be found here.