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Stop Look Listen: How to keep your child safe while they are using Facebook and social networks

Young people now have access to many networks and have ‘friends’ across the world many of whom their parents will never meet or know about as they are friends ‘online’.

Most of these friendships and relationships are really positive and healthy but do you want to understand how to keep your child safer while they are using facebook?

Visit Facebook’ s ‘Help your teens play safe’ guide for useful information.

Did you know?

Almost half of British children aged 9 to 12 are using social networking sites, despite minimum age limits being in place. Facebook has a minimum age of 1393% of teens ages 12-17 go online.

  • 27% of teens use their phone to get online
  • 24% of teens with a game console use it to go online
  • The average teen has 201 Facebook friends
  • 37% send messages to friends every day
  • 86% of social network-using teens comment on a friend’s wall
  • 83% comment on friends’ pictures
  • 66% send private messages to friends


  • 55% of teens have given out personal info to someone they don’t know, including photos and physical descriptions
  • 29% have been stalked or contacted by a stranger or someone they don’t know

To help you build your social media knowledge and e-safety skills visit the e-safer Suffolk website for guides to Flickr, Twitter, How to understand your child’s online relationships and much more.

Safeguarding children is everybody’s responsibility, not just professionals and staff.

If you are concerned about a child you should make a referral to Children and Young People’s Services by contacting ‘Customer First’ on 0808 800 4005. In an emergency you can call the Police on 999.

Read CAS’ safeguarding pledge for the Stop, Look and Listen campaign 2014.
Find about more about training offered by CAS, including safguarding.
For enquiries about safeguarding, contact:

Jacqui Wilkinson
Senior Development Officer – Children and Young People, Safeguarding and Quality Standards
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