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Suffolk businesses invited to attend Cycle September webinars!

Image shows four photos of people smiling on bikes in the countryside. Underneath is the caption 'Love to Ride Suffolk'

As more and more people return to the office, local businesses are being encouraged to help their employees commute by bike by registering for Cycle September.

Cycle September, organised by Love to Ride, is a fun and engaging campaign that helps businesses achieve their health, wellness and sustainability goals. The program is free for both businesses and individuals and is offered entirely virtually.

Last year over 56,000 people from 3,215 businesses took part, including nearly 7,000 people who were new to riding! They logged their rides, encouraged their friends and family to join and won some amazing prizes for their efforts.

People can bike anywhere any time throughout September to take part – it’s not about how fit you are or how far you ride. Even a 10-minute ride around the park counts! There are prizes to be won and leaderboards that are split by size and industry – so even if your team is small, you can still aim for the top spot.

Businesses across Suffolk are invited to join one of two, short, 30-minute webinars to learn more about how they can take part in the campaign. The sessions take place as follows:

  • Webinar 1 – Thursday 26th August, 10am to 10.30am
  • Webinar 2 – Tuesday 31st August, 2pm to 2.30pm

For more details and to register for either webinar visit

Further information about Cycle September can be found at

Red infographic shows the benefits of joining the scheme with illustrations: 'Healthier and Happier Staff', 'Virtual and Free', 'Support Mental Health', 'Be Sustainable' and 'Enhance Reputation'