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Suffolk Wheels 2 Work getting more people to work across more of Suffolk

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Suffolk Wheels 2 Work expands to Sudbury and Stowmarket with JobCentre Plus.

Thanks to funding made available through the Department of Work and Pensions, Suffolk Wheels 2 Work has recently launched a 6 month project offering scooter loans to individuals registered with Sudbury or Stowmarket Job Centre Plus, who are unemployed and have been offered a job placement.

Initial training, safety equipment and 10 weeks loan of a 50cc Honda Vision moped is offered free of charge. The partnership aims to improve employment outcomes for individuals living in Babergh and Mid Suffolk over the next 6 months helping to tackle transport barriers that may be preventing access to work, either due to home or employment locations, shift patterns that do not fit public transport timetables, or work involving daily travel such as agency care work.

Jonathan and his new scooter
Jonathan’s new scooter not only helps him travel to work, but has also improved his social life

Jonathan has recently passed his basic training and is now travelling to his job with Johnson Controls in Lower Glemsford, Sudbury thanks to Suffolk Wheels 2 Work.

“Before being accepted onto the Suffolk Wheels 2 Work scheme my only means of transport was by bus or having to walk everywhere, but by the time I finished work there was no public transport available so I had an 11 mile walk home. Without Suffolk Wheels 2 Work my job opportunities were severely limited and I suspect I would still be seeking employment. Now I have my own transport which means I can get to and from work, and it has also given me the opportunity to extend my social life beyond the transport limitations I had before. It is an excellent scheme and I hope many others can also receive the same opportunity and massive benefits that it has given me.”

Kevin Davies - Suffolk Wheels 2 Work February 2015
Kevin now finds it much easier to get to and from work, thanks to Suffolk Wheels 2 Work

Kevin Davies is employed by the SVC Agency in Nayland and is also benefitting from the scheme.

“Public transport in my area is not too bad but it restricts me with many jobs where I finish work late at night”. When I attended the Sudbury Jobsfair in October, I was informed that on the successful acceptance of a firm job offer that I would be eligible for a scooter loan from Suffolk Wheels 2 Work. The scooter is helping to change my life and allowing me to open more doors in my working life, and socially. Suffolk Wheels 2 Work also recognised that I travelled long distances and have provided me with a Honda Vision 110cc scooter which has been fantastic, it’s a great scheme which I would highly recommend to others”

If you would like to find out more or think you may be eligible for the Suffolk Wheels 2 Work scheme, contact the Project Coordinator, Terry Charles, on 01473 345322 or [email protected]