Suffolk ProHelp

Suffolk ProHelp is a countywide network of businesses who provide professional and strategic support free of charge to voluntary and community groups.

This shared time, passion and commitment helps create thriving, resilient and sustainable communities.

Suffolk ProHelp started in June 2001 and was previously run by Business in the Community (BITC). The scheme is now co-ordinated by Community Action Suffolk. Businesses commit to undertake one-off projects which may include:

  • feasibility studies
  • structural surveys
  • marketing and business plans
  • legal advice
  • accountancy advice
  • property valuations

The guiding principle of Suffolk ProHelp is that members approach this work in the same way as they would any other fee-paying customer. The only difference is that the community client is not charged for the work undertaken. Clear eligibility criteria are applied to make sure that this valuable expertise is directed to voluntary and community sector organisations who are most in need and would most benefit.

Voluntary and community groups requesting support from Suffolk ProHelp have to satisfy certain eligibility criteria that restricts the service to those who:

  • have a track record of working within the local community
  • are locally constituted
  • are unable to pay for professional services

For further information please contact:

Angela Lee-Foster, Suffolk ProHelp Manager
01473 345 338 / 07407 097750