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Talent Match spreads the word about their work at the Lowestoft Summer Festival

talent match lowestoft 23 july 2016

Staff from Talent Match recently attended the Lowestoft Summer Festival (23 July 2016) to raise awareness of how the project can help those aged 18 to 24, who have been out of work for over 12 months. Charles Gregg, Youth Forum Lead Worker, tells us how the day went…

“Myself, Oliver and Erik arrived at the festival around 9am and set up the gazebo on the pitch we had been given. It was enough room for everything we had brought with us, including tables and chairs. Once everything was set up, we began our activities, including hoop tossing and knock over the tower of cups. We had also brought along a questionnaire and an ‘About Us’ guide, for people who wished to know more about Talent Match.

It didn’t take us long for people to start coming up to our stall and enquiring what Talent Match was about. There were mainly families coming up to the stall, and they said they would refer us to their friends and people who may be interested in joining the Youth Forum.

We handed out leaflets and business cards to many people, doing everything we could to promote Talent Match. Later on in the day, Rhys was able to join us and help out with the activities. We were able to hand out quite a few of the bracelets that Erik had made, along with Talent Match pens, lanyards, bottle-openers, and pedometers. It was very busy with people coming up to the stall and taking part in the activities.

The time went by very quickly, and before long we realised that it was time to call it a day. We began packing up around 4pm and headed back to the Kirkley Centre to drop everything off.

All in all it was a really great day and the weather had brought us quite a few people who wished to know more about Talent Match. I am certain that us being there has helped raise more awareness to what we do, and hopefully we shall be able to recruit some more people on board for the Youth Forum.”

By Charles Gregg, Youth Forum Lead Worker
07724 519572
[email protected]

See our Talent Match page to find out how the project could help you, or someone you know.