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Tender opportunity: evaluation of the Minding The Gap project

We are delighted to announce this tender opportunity for the procurement of evaluation for the Minding The Gap project in Suffolk.

Minding The Gap is part of the national Building Better Opportunities programme and is jointly funded by the European Social Fund and Big Lottery Fund. Further information on the Building Better Opportunities programme can be found here.

Designed and delivered as a partnership, the project is being delivered from January 2017 to September 2019. Community Action Suffolk is the Lead Partner for the project, and is contracted by Big Lottery Fund to ensure effective results and outcomes through 7 delivery partners. The project intends to support at least 750 young people aged 15-24 during its lifetime.

For more information on project partners, delivery and for the full tender specification, please visit

Download the tender document

Please note: the closing date for tender submission is 9am on 21 August 2017.

Any queries regarding this tender should be directed to Hannah Reid [email protected] stating “Minding the Gap Evaluation Tender Query” in the subject line, by no later than 5pm, 17 August 2017.

Questions received relating to Evaluation Procurement Opportunity

Q: Could you please expand on what you are looking for in 3.1.3?  Ethnographic research has a wide range of applications and I’d like to know what you mean in this instance?

  • A: We would be looking for the successful tender to tell us what methodologies they would employ here.  The project has targets for particular groups and we would like to be able to show the impact that the project has had on these groups in relation to no other/limited support already available.

Q: Could you indicate how often the project board will be meeting as this has an impact on time allocation?

  • A: The board meets quarterly

Q: I would like to know is there a uniformed approach across all the partners in terms of data collection and evaluation methodology? Or are you asking the winner evaluating organisation to set this up?

  • A: We are currently agreeing the evaluation methodology for qualitative information across the partnership i.e. case studies, quotes, etc. However we are happy for the successful tender to input to this with their ideas for successful collection of information. Most quantitative information will be provided from our CRM system. As it says in the specification, we will also expect the successful tender to work with CAS also to incorporate results from Social Impact Measurement. We do however expect the successful tender to set out how they will collate the final information given and present it.