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The Big Suffolk Pledge


The King’s Coronation weekend 5th – 8th May is a time of celebration across the UK and to mark this incredible event in our history people across the country are being asked to volunteer as part of The Big Help Out.

Here in Suffolk, however, Suffolk’s passionate commitment to volunteering will not stop at this one weekend. Our voluntary sector, business and public sector communities are uniting with our very own unique ‘Legacy Approach’ to The Big Help Out. 

So far we have received an amazing…

23.4% of our goal of 500 pledges

The Big Suffolk Pledge

The Big Suffolk Pledge will run from Friday 5th May to Wednesday 7th June which marks the end of 2023’s Volunteer’s Week, and during these weeks it is hoped that hundreds of groups, charities, organisations, communities, schools and individuals will have confirmed a pledge, in the interest of supporting the success of volunteering in Suffolk. Pledges can be big or small, it could be an employer pledging to start an Employer supported Volunteering scheme, an individual signing up to Volunteer Suffolk, a local charity reviewing their volunteer celebration process, a business leader pledging their premises to host a voluntary organisation’s event, or a busy parent pledging to seek opportunities for their whole family to volunteer.  All pledges will help us to create a legacy approach to a volunteering commitment in Suffolk, and that no matter how small, pledges not only encourage more volunteering in our county at a time it is desperately needed, but that we all have a part to play in the long-term culture of volunteering to support our incredible voluntary sector.

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