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Workshop 6: Climate action now, for the future!

Outlining the problem and challenges we are facing as citizens, organisations, country and planet with the climate crisis…but also some of the solutions and great work underway and being proposed by Essex County Council (ECC). ECC recently set up the Essex Climate Action Commission to bring to the table these challenges and to set out recommendations to bring the county to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Examples of the great work we are already doing, from tree planting to both commercial and domestic energy efficiency retrofit funding (with some first in Europe electric forecourt and community energy in the middle). I will make you aware of the opportunities, funding and quick wins for your organisation and communities.

Last but not least we will have a Q&A around the problems you are facing as organisations and as  communities, your priorities, welcoming your ideas and recommendations as well as requests for help to be resilient and addressing the climate action goals necessary for the transition to net zero emissions.

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