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Volunteering: The 20/20 Vision

Volunteering: The 20/20 Vision

What is this NEW volunteering campaign about?

‘Volunteering: the 20/20 vision’, is a 6 month programme of support for people who oversee, manage or lead volunteers.

The campaign will continuously ask: What next for volunteering? Reflect, Inspire, Act

It has been inspired by the amazing number of people who created Community Response Groups, who adapted their Good Neighbour Schemes and became a lifeline for their community. It has also been inspired by members of the public who responded to Covid-19 by using their professional skills or who created PPE from home. As well as inspired by the large number of people from across Suffolk who responded to the call for volunteers whatever the role. The campaign is about how we can support this social action to continue, how we can learn from this response , how groups have adapted successfully, as well as how we support our existing volunteers.

We will do this by reflecting on why people offered to volunteer and how some volunteers have changed the way they engage with groups and changed how they give time.

Over the 6 months we will also focus on volunteering before Covid. How do those volunteers feel and how have we supported people who have been unable to volunteer due to shielding or closed service/venue.

Let’s Talk Volunteering

Each month we will have a different spotlight to focus on, this month is Community. Others include Innovation, 5 ways to Wellbeing, Local Businesses, Suffolk Action Week, Trustees & 2021. 
The activities each month will include 1 to 1 surgeries with a Volunteering Officer, online network meetings, blogs, resources and case studies for inspiration.

In October we will focus on promoting volunteer opportunities to the public – for Suffolk Action Week.

Sharing ways of working and experiences to inspire and learn from each other.

For many years we have talked about the future of volunteering, what this could look like and how public may want something different, Covid 19 has shown how volunteering in the future, is now here!!

20/20 Vision

Our vision is that the programme will reach many individuals who support and manage volunteers. 
Together we can support each other and continue to engage the public with volunteering, as communities, groups and organisations will need volunteer support beyond Covid-19.

How can people get involved?

Look on CAS’s website and events page. 
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We are also looking for case studies of ways people have volunteered, how you have adapted a service, created a new group, as well as how organisations are keeping in contact with volunteers who have been unable to volunteer, due to shielding or because the service or venue is closed. Please email Faye Smith. [email protected]

Facebook Live discussion about Campaign and Community response here:

Next 1 to 1 Volunteer Community Surgery for Community Groups / GNS is 1st July