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Volunteers Week 2015: Meet Michael, who makes our favourite events happen!

Michael Smith volunteerHaving worked with and supported many dedicated volunteers and event organisers throughout our Sport and Event Volunteering project, it is great to hear people’s personal stories behind why they get involved in volunteering and continue to do so.

We’d like to introduce you to one of our fantastic volunteers, Michael.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I found out about the project way back in 2010 and started volunteering as I was out of work and in a very dark place both mentally and physically and I needed to get out and sort myself out and become the person I used to be! I enjoy volunteering and even now I’ve got a job I still find the time (I don’t know how) to carry on doing it, it’s in my blood, I love seeing people smile because they’re achieving something they want to do and knowing these events wouldn’t go on without the help of volunteers!

What has been your most memorable volunteer event and why?

My most memorable event?? Hmmm now that’s a hard one as there have been so many. I would say the Cancer Research Race for Life’s are my most memorable as there are so many inspirational people running for such a great cause and have or know someone suffering with cancer! I myself know how it effects people as I am at present undergoing treatment!

If you have attended any training, through the project, what has this been and have you found this useful?

I’ve attended numerous training courses over the years through the project, most recently a ‘Managing Volunteers’ course which was extremely useful and the course itself was well covered.

What are the current projects/events that you’re involved in?

I’m currently part off the SOS (Special Olympics Suffolk) Action Group which is just amazing being part of this after I myself have been to the National Special Olympics Games and volunteered in Bath for a week. I met some extremely inspirational participants there which make you see things in a different light!!!

The official launch of Special Olympics Suffolk took place at Waveney Gymnastics Club in November alongside Suffolk’s first SOS Gymnastics Competition in which Michael is lead volunteer coordinator.

What would you like to see improved/developed through the Sport and Event Volunteering project?

There isn’t much that can be improved with the project. I think it is run extremely well, just maybe a recognition scheme so volunteers know that their help is what counts!! I will always be part of the project nothing can stop me volunteering now I have the bug!!! Keep up your great work!!

If you would like to help out with sports and events in Suffolk, get in touch with Daniel:

Daniel King, Sport and Event Volunteering Officer
[email protected]
01473 345421 / 07702 532810