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Welcome to the Social Investment Blog

Hello and welcome to the Social Investment (SI)Blog!

Through this sporadic blog I will try to make what can seem like an abstract subject more real and hopefully you will find something that is relevant and interesting for you.

Since taking up the position of Social Investment Officer in November last year, I have been on an adventure through what constitutes the VCSE sector in Suffolk.  There is a thriving network of social and community enterprises covering a huge range of businesses from shops and cafes to woodland spaces  and community hubs.  Many people outside of the sector (and some of those within it!) don’t know about the fantastic work that these organisations do and I hope to highlight some shining examples through this blog as the project develops.

Firstly though, I’d like to give a quick definition of what SI is and what makes it distinct from other forms of finance for organisations:

Social Investment can take many forms but what they all have in common is  finance is repayable so the project/organisation must have an income stream.